5 things old Pokemon players know all too well about.

Hello there beautiful people. Recently, there has been a new hype. No, it is not a new dance move or fashion trend, but rather, it’s a smartphone application. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s Pokemon Go. This game is taking over the world. I don’t believe it, but gamers have actually managed to leave their couches and actually walk around to catch Pokemon within their neighborhoods…outside! It’s crazy. So crazy that traffic jams and accidents are quite common nowadays simply because people stop whatever they’re doing to catch a specific Pokemon. Now, I am in no way criticizing this game. Actually, I too am a victim of this game. However, playing this new game has made me reminisce about the old Pokemon days. I’m talking about the days of playing Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow on our Gameboys. That being said, here are 5 things that original Pokemon players know all too well about. Hope you enjoy.

1: Always Save!

Whether you’re about to enter a gym for some intense battling or standing in front of a legendary Pokemon, you should always save the progress you have made so far: you would hit the start button, scroll down to save, and click yes when the game asked to overwrite the data. You would do this just in case you messed up so that you can try again.


2: The Elite Four

Whenever you got this far into the game you would take a big breath and recognize how far you’ve come. In terms of the game, you’re about to face the biggest challenge the game has to offer. The feeling you got from beating the Elite Four was by far one of the best feelings you’ve experienced. All your hard work that you and your Pokemon did has finally paid off. However, if you did lose, don’t worry because you saved right?

Pokemon GBA Battle Color

3: You hated poison-type Pokemon

If Satan created a Pokemon type to ruin your Pokemon experience, it was the poison type. The feeling of fear as you rushed to the nearest PC center to heal up your dying Pokemon as the screen of the game twitches was extremely terrifying. If you got to the PC center in time, you were relieved and if you got the horrifying message that (insert Pokemon name) fainted, you were disappointed.


4: You hated going through wild grass

You might recall this situation. You are on your way to catch a legendary Pokemon. All of your Pokemon are full health and you are ready to go. As you get closer and closer to the destination of this legendary Pokemon, you see the most annoying bit of terrain that Pokemon has to offer. A huge patch of wild grass. You probably remember holding the run button as you went through the wild grass to avoid the interruptions  of wild Pokemon through the use of speed or you slowly inched your way through the wild grass so that the Pokemon don’t notice you.


5: You took your console, the console’s charger, and at least 1 Pokemon game wherever you went.

Playing Pokemon as a child was a great source of entertainment. You probably made sure that before every long road trip or plane flight that you had your Gameboy on full charge and your Pokemon game in your pocket or in your case of other Gameboy games. You could spend hours playing Pokemon. Catching every Pokemon and beating every gym, but wait, what’s happening? Oh no, the battery has run out. Wait, did you save?


Hopefully you original Pokemon players were able to relate to this. But for now, we’ll have to settle for Pokemon Go. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.




More than “just a game.”

Hello there beautiful people. I hope you’re all doing splendid. In my last post, I did my best to try and conclude this blog, however the amount of free time that summer break has given to me has made me want to reopen this space of expression and thought. I probably won’t post as much as I did whilst in my AP English Language & Composition class, but I will post every now and then. Ok, now onto the actual content of this post.

As the final whistle blows and the cheers of the Icelandic fans shakes the Allianz Riviera in Nice after a historical victory over England, I am still baffled at the fact that people can say the phrase, “it’s just a game.” Throughout the UEFA Euro 2016, there have been a rollercoaster of emotions as last minute goals are scored and teams either advance or disqualify from this cutthroat tournament. For the players that are playing in this tournament, they can either bring their country pure glory or sheer embarrassment. The latter was the case for England in their nail biting game against Iceland. Iceland, being the smallest nation in the tournament, have made European Championship history with this victory. Bringing all 330,000 people in Iceland joy and all 65,000,000 in England misery.

I cringe whenever someone says “it’s just a game.” To everyone that thinks this way I say, “Oh my ignorant friends, you couldn’t be more wrong.” Football is more than just a game. Football is a lifestyle, a profession, a competitive paradise. Football fans have been following the beautiful game and their favorite teams for all of their lives. Saying that boneheaded phrase after watching your country lose to the smallest nation in the tournament is the biggest slap to the face you could ever give. By saying such a phrase, you are trying to compensate the emotions of 65,000,000 people. Not only that, but by saying this phrase, you are reducing the significance of the moment to 330,000 people, which is just wrong. Football has the ability to bring that much joy and sorrow to that many people: more than you will ever do in your lifetime.

Now, I am not from England, so I am not writing this in spite of what happened. I am a TCK that lives in Nairobi, Kenya who happens to love football very much. I can’t help but sympathize with football fans that experience grief from such a situation. Being a football fan entails much more than just watching your favorite team play. You become part of a national and global community who are lucky enough to witness the greats of Lionel Messi and the horrors of a Sergio Ramos penalty.

With all this being said, I hope that you are reminded that football is more than “just a game.” And every time that you say such a horrid phrase, you are insulting millions of people around the world who love this beautiful game. Please be sensible. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito. (For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time and are confused with the ending, don’t worry, I just end all my blog posts that way and I like the consistency).

P.S. Just to make my case more convincing, how would you feel telling the players in the images below, “It’s just a game.”



Last one?

Hello there beautiful people. It’s kind of sad that this is the last time I will be saying that phrase. However, that does not at all mean you are no longer beautiful.

This past year, I entered into my AP English Language & Composition class with high hopes. Hopes of becoming a better writer that can write well, thought out, and coherent essays that make a logical argument. As the year comes to an end, allow me to reflect on this hope and see if it has become reality.

Before this class, I would always get A’s on my essays and papers. However, this class gave me a reality check and a big ole’ slap on the face when I got my first paper back with a ghastly 3/9. Having received that first paper, I was in complete shock: how am I supposed to improve my writing at all if I already thought that I was a good writer and get a grade like that? I was able to answer this question by experiencing continued failures and mistakes on my essays for this class. However, through these mistakes, my essays and writing began to improve. My essays were making more logical arguments, starting to flow well, and were staying on topic whilst being concise. The take away value that I got from this AP English Language & Composition class is that it reminded me that failure is necessary for success. Without failure, how will we ever improve? We can’t. By getting continuous bad grades on my essays and meticulous feedback, I was able to take such criticism positively and improve upon them. Therefore, this class indeed give me what I hoped for: I ultimately improved as a writer.

Another significant take-away value that I received from this class was that this class has taught me how important knowing how to write is. The art of writing and making a rational, cogent, and purposeful argument is a skill that should not be forgotten. We will write for the rest of our lives and this class has helped me improve that skill, and I can only be thankful for that. I will use writing when applying for colleges and jobs; writing is essential for the plans that I have in my future. Therefore, I am thankful for this class because not only did it improve my writing, it has taught me that the value of writing is paramount and is a necessity in our lifetime.

With all that being said, I truly did enjoy my AP English Language & Composition class. This class has helped me improve as a writer which is a necessary skill in life. Although I am sad to leave such a wonderful and congenial class, I am excited to look ahead into the future and see where my skill of writing takes me. I hope that you, the audience, will also not take lightly the skill of writing and how necessary it is. If you feel like you won’t ever improve, to quote and slightly change the words of Dory from “Finding Nemo,” just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.

“Are you not entertained?!”

Hello there beautiful people. Our world used to be one that didn’t rely on entertainment in order to be entertained. However, we have advanced and transitioned from that time period and we now use entertainment on a daily basis. This then poses the question: is entertainment a good thing? I am quite interested in this question and I will do my best to answer it.

In my opinion, before anyone can take a solid stance on this topic, one has to define what is meant by “entertainment.” Entertainment can range from watching a suspenseful t.v. show to reading a riveting book. For the sake of argument, i’m going to say that entertainment has to do with any type of technological medium.

I’m not going to beat around the bush and hide my opinion. Entertainment is not ruining society, but rather, it is saving society. Entertainment can come through so many different types of technological mediums: video games, movies, t.v. shows, social applications, etc. Entertainment gives society more to talk about. Entertainment takes on a variety of topics and subject matter. In doing so, this adds flavor to our conversations and interactions with one another. With more to talk about, entertainment has the capacity to bring people together rather than isolate each other. However, it is overconsumption of entertainment that can be dangerous. If one completely isolates him or herself from the rest of world and solely uses entertainment for pleasure, this can be quite catastrophic. In the simplest of ways, using entertainment allows us to liven up our environments which can have a parallel affect and entertain those around us and ourselves.

One of the most famous mediums of entertainment is the notorious video producing website known as YouTube. I would like to boldly state that YouTube is one of the greatest inventions in this century. YouTube can both be educational and amusing. YouTube allows us to expand our knowledge using Crash Course videos about U.S. history, allows us to calm down with the chilling beats of Kygo, and allows us to learn how to make the perfect granola bar. Furthermore, YouTube allows us to share these videos with our friends which, as stated before, can bring people together and spur up conversation topics.

Entertainment, I would like to argue, is saving society rather than ruining society. It allows us to come together and share ideas and things that we have been entertained by. Overconsumption and isolation with entertainment is when it has the potential to ruin society. I would like to encourage you to use entertainment wisely and for the sole purpose of having a more pleasurable time with those around you. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.


Hello there beautiful people. In this day and age, we live in a world of conflict. Conflicts that range from disputing over where to eat to arguing about whether abortion is right or wrong. With this in mind, it is inevitable that people all over the world have certain controversial issues that they feel strongly about. One topic that is quite personal and significant in my life is where I consider my home. Allow me to expand.

As a third cultural kid, I am quite unsure of where I would call my home. My parents are of Korean descent, I was born in Anaheim, California, and I currently reside in Nairobi, Kenya. All of these three locations, Korea, California, and Kenya, have a special place in my heart. However, how do I respond to the simple question: Christian, where is your home? I wish that I could easily answer this question, but there are too many things that I like about each place for me to pinpoint where my home is.

I have lived in the magesterial Nairobi, Kenya for 15 years and it has been absolutely splendid. My favorite thing about Kenya is the culture that I have been immersed in. The Kenyan culture is largely based on this idea of togetherness. The Kenyan lifestyle and culture has made me appreciate time spent with others and this ideology of family. Living in Kenya has put me in uncomfortable situations where individual growth is inevitable. Individual growth of really cherishing those around me and learning how to work with others.

I have visited the place of my birth many times and each time I go to the Golden State, California, I feel comfortable and new. The lifestyle in California is one of opportunity. California allows for individuals to find themselves and be themselves. Whether this is in Porter Ranch Suburbia whilst penny boarding into the sunset, or in Downtown Los Angeles marveling at the many accomplishments of distinguished individuals whilst eating a Chipotle burrito. Whenever I am in California, I can simply be me. I can express myself however I want to. I don’t have to cater my actions for the pleasure of others. California has taught me to be myself and to practice my passions.

I have only visited my parents’ home country a total of 3 or 4 times. Korea is a small and crowded country with plenty of technological innovations. As the country that founded Samsung, the Korean lifestyle is quite busy. This may seem negative, but I beg to differ. Being in Korea has taught me the importance of being busy and having something to do. The lifestyle in Korea strictly contradicts the lifestyle of leniency and relaxation. It’s a fearsome lifestyle, but that’s what makes me like it. Korea has taught me to immerse myself in activities and work to do. This busy lifestyle is rewarding and refreshing.

With all of this being said, how can I possibly find a place to call home? I am pleased to say that I have found a solution. The school that I attend, Rosslyn Academy, has provided a space for me to practice all of these lifestyles, and I can only be thankful for that. Rosslyn allows me to hang out with my friends and practice the idea of Ubuntu and togetherness. Rosslyn allows me to be myself and to practice what I love in order to develop an intellectual vitality. Rosslyn keeps me busy with schoolwork and extracurriculars and that lifestyle is one that I appreciate. However, saying Rosslyn is my home sounds wrong. This brings us back to square one, where is my home? In this process, I have realized that not knowing where home is, is ok. The fact that I have a space where all the lifestyles I want to live is available, makes me content. Have a good week. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.

Who’s to blame, Othello or Iago?

Hello there beautiful people. As you may have seen before on this blog, sometimes I will review the books that I have read for my AP English Language & Composition class. This post will be a brief review on the Shakespeare play, Othello. More specifically, I will do my best to explain who is responsible for the tragedy of this play: Othello or Iago.

In this play, I would like to argue that Iago is responsible for how the play turns out. Iago has a way with words, his command of the english language is used in this play to manipulate, and I can only respect that. Although Othello does most of the misdeeds in Othello, the person who prompts Othello to get his hands dirty, is indeed, the notorious Iago. Iago’s main purpose in this play was to ruin Othello, however, in doing so, he ruined the lives for many others as well.

The biggest manipulation that Iago committed in order for Othello to eventually kill his wife Desdemona, sorry for the spoiler alert, is when Iago and his wife steal Desdemona’s handkerchief. In doing so, he has a very valuable piece of evidence to prove to Othello that Desdemona is having an affair. Once Iago is able to manipulate words and put sentences in Othello’s mouth, Othello is convinced that Desdemona is cheating on him. In the end, Othello does end up killing Desdemona. The main reason for why Iago is responsible for such tragedies is because of his understanding of the power of words. He uses english nefariously.

Now, I’m going to go off track for a bit. As in, I’m going to steer away from the prompt that was given to us for this blog post. Sorry Ms. Magnuson. However, whilst reading this play, I was intrigued with why Iago was doing this. He could have very easily done something good with his ability to manipulate the english language and convince people to believe in the things that he says. What was it that motivated Iago? Of course I do not know the answer, but I would like to try. In my opinion, us humans all have an evil drive within us. When we see a horrifying piece of news, we can’t help but look at it. When we see something disgusting, it’s so gross that we can’t look away. I feel this way about Iago. I feel like his evil drive was quite strong. I strongly believe that Iago took joy in the evil deeds that he did.

Well, that was my quick little review about the play Othello. I would recommend this book as it challenges you with the language that it uses and it is an entertaining read. However, I would discourage you to be like Iago. Use words for good, not for evil. Hope you have a good week. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.

The Art of Argument

Hello there beautiful people. With all of the commotion around presidential debates and over which politician is better, I took it upon myself to watch and read political debates. One common idiosyncracy that these politicians have is that they all make logical fallacies. However, everyone is guilty of having this quality: teachers, students, professors, and even little children. Therefore, as I am intrigued by the art of argument, I have decided to share my opinions and dissect some of the arguments made by the notorious man himself, Donald Trump.

Now, before I begin, let me assure you, I watched a lot of Donald Trump videos and read a lot of articles on Donald Trump. Im not trying to say that I’m a Donald Trump expert, I am trying to say that this analysis of Trump took a lot of time. Now, in the videos i’ve watched and articles i’ve about this “White Kanye,” I have picked 2 of his most outrageous statements that contain logical fallacy and that I found to be just straight up entertaining.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” Ok, whoa Mr. Trump, we already know that you’re obsessed with women, but to go as far as using this logical fallacy and saying it in public is outrageous. The correct term for the logical fallacy in this statement is ‘Ad Populum.’ In other words, Donald Trump avoids the real issue at hand by appealing to a negative or positive concept. However, there is purpose to this use of fallacy. By avoiding the real issue at hand, which is what the media writes about you, and appealing to a concept that is both entertaining and stimulating, he immediately grabs the audiences attention without a good statement. Now with the audiences attention, by cleverly using ‘Ad Populum,’ Donald Trump is controlling their thoughts. He found a concept that is appealing and humorous and avoided the issue at hand which worked out for his benefit. Not only does he have his audiences attention, but he has their trust by means of entertainment.

“Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!” Although this statement is extremely offensive, I did laugh after reading it. Firstly, this logical fallacy is known as the ‘Hasty Generalization.’ Donald Trump has generalized the fact that the thugs of America only come from Baltimore and that Barack Obama, because he’s African American, should heavily impact the lives of these “thugs.” Like the other statement, the only purpose or significance for this logical fallacy is that it is entertaining for his audience. His audience appreciates it when Trump makes humorous generalizations because it is “funny.” However, all of these logical fallacies of making generalizations just shows how shallow Donald Trump really is.

The art of argument is truly important in today’s day and age. Donald Trump has logical fallacies in his statements for the sole purpose of entertaining his audience which gains more of their trust. If there is one thing I want you to take away from this blog post, it is that Donald Trump is a shallow and childish politician who doesn’t know what he’s doing and to never ever make arguments like Donald Trump has. Oh, and always remember, Joga Bonito.